Loam Suppliers in Millbury, MA

Loam Suppliers in Millbury, MALoam suppliers are a great source for the soil homeowners need for their lawns and gardens. If you’re looking for loam suppliers in Millbury, MA, Mike Lynch Enterprises is the supplier you can trust.

Millbury, MA loam suppliers can carry a variety of soils or other organic products. Many people confuse loam with top soil, but they are two different types of soil. Topsoil is the uppermost layer of landscape soil – usually about a foot thick – and is typically darker than the soil beneath it because topsoil contains large amounts of decayed organic materials such as decayed grass, leaves, and other vegetation.

Loam, on the other hand, is a kind of soil classified by the amounts of mineral material in it. Where the confusion comes in for many people is that while topsoils can contain amounts of sand, clay, and silt, their location and organic material content make them topsoils. When dealing with loam suppliers in Millbury, MAand elsewhere, avoid confusion by remembering that topsoil refers to the location of the soil, while loam refers to the soil’s composition quality.

Better yet, just contact Mike Lynch Enterprises if you want the best among loam suppliers in Millbury, MA. Mike Lynch Enterprises screens all their quality loam to ½” and adds just the right amount of plant material compost, potash, and lime for the perfect nutrient blend. The resulting loam has a PH between 6.5-7 – perfect for virtually all of your lawn and garden needs. In fact, this is the loam blend Mike Lynch uses on their professional landscaping projects. As a result, many of their clients get asked by neighbors where they got their rich, uniform loam. Of all the Millbury, MA loam suppliers, only Mike Lynch Enterprises offers this specific loam blend.

The loam experts at Mike Lynch Enterprises recommend adding screened loam to your yard from mid-August to mid-September to fill those bare spots and avoid getting weeds and promote healthy grass growth. Turn the best of the Millbury, MA loam suppliers, Mike Lynch Enterprises, for all your loam needs.