Bark Mulch in Westborough, MA

At Mike Lynch Enterprises, we take great pride in offering our customers only the best when it comes to bark mulch in Westborough, MA. Why choose bark mulch? Not only does premium Westborough, MA bark mulch offer that fresh manicured look in your yard, it is also good for your plants and garden.  Bark decomposes slower than wood and maintains its color longer.  By using bark mulch, you save countless hours of weeding, improve the quality of your soil and make your garden look more attractive.

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Freshly stocked trailer loads of premium bark mulch are just about ready to be delivered to Westborough, MA and the surrounding area.  Fresh Hemlock mulch, Black Bark mulch, Brown Pine Bark mulch, Hemlock Mix mulch and Red Cedar mulch should be arriving before the end of March.

Our product offering consists of the following bark mulch for Westborough, MA landscaping:

  • Hemlock mulch is ideal for front landscaping, surrounding shrubs and foliage.
  • Do you want your flowers to stand out?  If so, Black Bark mulch remains a favorite in the flower garden.
  • Hemlock mix has the same effect in color as Hemlock mulch; however, it is offered at a lower cost.
  • Brown Pine mulch not only enhances a lawn’s edge, it also is an excellent top dressing a wood line, giving that definition for a greener look to your lawn and keeping the dust down when mowing.
  • Red Cedar mulch is a color-enhanced cedar bark mulch with a long-lasting vibrant red color.
  • Screened loam (top soil) is used primarily for top dressing planting and lawn areas. Screened to ½”.

Mike Lynch Enterprises is located on Route 146N just past The Shoppes. Look for our huge Bark Mulch piles.  Commercial and residential delivery of Westborough, MA mulch begins as early as April 1st.  Dispatched drivers are ready to go, which provides a fast turnaround time.  Our professional, friendly staff is ready to provide the level of service you deserve.

Please call our direct “BARK MULCH” line at 774 535-1470 and discuss which mulch is best for you and arrange a bark mulch delivery to Westborough, MA or pick-up in our yard. Samples of bark mulch are available.  Need a weekend project or how about a good workout, call today and arrange for your Westborough, MA mulch delivery.

Perhaps you are tired of that mulch pile sitting in your driveway?  Call Mike Lynch Enterprises today to get a Free Estimate on our Bark Blowing Services.  Using our commercial bark blowers is not only a cost effective way to install bark mulch, it is quick and easy.  Let us do the work for you.

We offer mulch installation services in Westborough, MA for residential, commercial and shopping plazas.  The benefits that come with bark blowing are numerous:  a deep shovel edged bed; a clean, cost-effective and time-saving installation; accurate coverage; and the ability for us to spread large amounts of bark mulch in a very short period of time.  Get a perfectly manicured look instantly with premium Westborough, MA bark installation services.  Get ready for the season and the family gatherings by calling Mike Lynch Enterprises today for a Free Estimate on mulch installation in Westborough, MA.  Quick, efficient, cost effective and saves valuable time and energy. WHAT A GREAT MOTHER’S DAY SURPRISE!