Message From Mike

September / October 2021

WINTERIZING YOUR IRRIGATION SYSTEM:  Last year, we were caught by surprise once again with plummeting temperatures before Halloween. We are scheduling our winterizations beginning September 27th. While I understand some of you may want to water until freezing time, it is impossible to get all my customers winterized the last week. The temps generally become cooler in the evenings and the temperatures moderate. Morning dew provides moisture to your lawn. Please leave the winterization scheduling up to your Irrigation “professional”.   New Customers Welcome !!!!

SEASONONED FIREWOOD:   $325 / cord delivered:   Almost gone ….. 1st dibs to repeat customers. In just (2) weeks, over 50 cords of sold. RSVP today, we have already started delivering.  Call 774 535-1470

COMMERCIAL SNOW REMOVAL:  Winter will be here before you know it. If you have or know of a Commercial business interested in a quote for Snow Plowing / Removal, please call my office to arrange a time for us to meet. This is for Commercial properties ONLY !!!! (Churches, parking lots, businesses…..)

SNOW SHOVELERS:   I am looking for snow shoveler’s; must be available to work all shifts; $30 / hour. Please call my office and arrange a time to stop by and fill out an application.  774 535-1470

Have a Great Day and thank you to all of my customers, I appreciate your loyalty!