Irrigation System Controller Programs

A properly programmed Irrigation controller can help save you time, money and effort.

Being able to keep your lawn and garden well-watered can be messy, challenging and time-consuming. An irrigation system with the correct sprinkler controller settings will keep your grass, flowers, and shrubs healthy, green and vibrant all season long, while also helping you save money on your water bills.

We will program your lawn irrigation system to run only at optimal times, such as early morning when water will absorb more easily, free from the drying effects of sun and wind. We can even program your system to provide varying amounts of water to different zones and areas of your lawn or garden to provide the most efficient irrigation for sunny, exposed areas that need more water and cool, shaded areas that need less.

At Mike Lynch Enterprises, we offer a variety of sprinkler systems and controllers that can provide:

  • Water budgeting to control the amount and rate of irrigation to suit your specific needs
  • Odd/even watering for convenient programming to address municipal water use restrictions
  • Rain sensors to automatically detect rainfall and avoid unnecessary irrigation
  • Multiple task programming to more effectively manage irrigation for a variety of zones, needs, and conditions

To learn more about irrigation system controller programs and get a free estimate, email us or call 508-865-8508.