B-A-R-K Mulch!!! Plain and simple: only “BARK”.

Our natural mulches are produced from 100% forest products from the states of New Hampshire and Vermont. There are no stumps, no pallets or other construction demolition wood used in our product.
No Chemicals! Kid safe and Pet friendly!

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Hemlock Mulch | Mike Lynch Enterprises


$45.50 / yard: 100% hemlock “bark”; that’s it!

Aged Hemlock Mulch | Mike Lynch Enterprises

Aged Hemlock

$45.75 / yard: 100% hemlock “bark” which has been aged for 1-year; a rich in tones of dark brown a rich offering for perennial gardens, rhododendrons, azaleas; PH is close to neutral.   Like a fine wine … this gets better with age.

Black Bark Mulch | Mike Lynch Enterprises

Black Bark

$43.75 / yard: Black bark is a mixture of pine bark and forest wood products, a natural color component is added to keep a rich black color.

Brown Mulch

Brown Mulch

$39.25 / yard:A blend of soft woods such as spruce and pine with all natural forest products mixed. Environmentally safe color enhanced.

Screened Loam | Mike Lynch Enterprises

Screened Loam

$34.00 / yard: Screened Loam (topsoil) is used primarily for topdressing planting and lawn areas. Screened to ½”.

Processed Gravel | Mike Lynch Enterprises

Processed Gravel

$35.50 / yard: Also called ¾” Dense Grade; this crushed gravel compacts well, perfect for driveways and a walkway base.

¾” Stone | Mike Lynch Enterprises

3/4″ and 1½” Stone

$33.00 / yard: This light grey stone is perfect for a top-dressing or that finished look you are trying to achieve. Great for around pools or walkways. A light grey stone color is best when spread 1 ½” in thickness.

Clean Fill

Clean Fill

$15.00 / yard
Please call office for availability

Washed Brick / Mason Sand

Washed Brick / Mason Sand

$49.50 / yard

Stone Dust

Stone Dust

$36.00 / yard

red cedar

Red Cedar

$45.00 / yard: Red Cedar is a mixture of 80% cedar and 20% pine, rich in red color which almost looks natural, unlike “vibrant orange”.

Sandy Fill

Sandy Fill

$17.25 / yard