Spring Irrrigation Openings

Complete spring lawn and garden irrigation system check-up and safe start-up

Get your residential or commercial irrigation system fine-tuned and up and running for the season with our spring opening sprinkler service. We’ll inspect for any impact that the winter months might have had on your sprinkler system.

With our spring opening service you can rest assured knowing that all the components in your system will be checked by an irrigation system expert to ensure a fully functional, efficient sprinkler system ready for the season ahead.

Our spring openings service includes:

  • Turning on water to the system and inspection of the main connection plumbing and backflow preventer
  • Checking for leaks in the system
  • Checking functionality of all heads and nozzles
  • Checking Rain Sensor functionality
  • Testing of all system control valves
  • Sprinkler head inspection and adjustment to ensure proper coverage
  • Controller activation and set up of water schedule

Don’t risk starting up your irrigation system yourself after a long, cold New England winter – it’s not as easy as you might think. An improper start-up can cause substantial surge pressure in the system that can damage your lines and heads, bursting fittings and sending geysers of water into the air. Don’t risk system failure, contact the irrigation system specialists at Mike Lynch Enterprises.

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