Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your company better than others?

Our customer satisfaction is 100%; we go above and beyond.  Time and time again we hear, “no one returns our phone calls”.  At Mike Lynch Enterprises our office staff is available to answer the phone and address your needs.  Our dedicated service team provides the best service in this area.  32 years in business says it all!!!

Irrigation FAQ

Are Irrigation Systems worth it?

Most definitely. An Irrigation system provides adequate watering without wasting water. Tired of dragging those garden hoses around before heading out for the day or after a long day at work or golfing, this is the way to go.

Which Irrigation Controller is the best?

I like to install a Hunter Controller; in my opinion these are the best on the market.  Some of our clients are interested in operating their Irrigation system from their smart phone or web browser phone.  If this is the case, I install a Hydrawise which is a great controller acquired Hunter in 2016.   My personal preference is a hard-wired controller, we program, and it is ready to go.

Will my irrigation system freeze?

Yes, yes, yes.   In this part of the world, the Northeast, all irrigation systems need to be professionally winterized with an industrial strength compressor.   We must completely flush the water out of all zone lines, sprinklers, valves, filters, main lines and the backflow.  I own 4 compressors and we are circulating through neighborhoods from end of September thru October winterizing systems.  Do not wait until the last minute for this service.

What irrigation system is the best?

I believe in quality all the way … Hunter heads and RainBird valves along with 50-year pipe.  Over 50 years’ experience.

When Irrigation is needed?

The months of June, July, August, and September.  Remember …  turf is a cool seasonal plant, needs water to maintain healthy growth.  Full sun area, most new developments, do not have adequate soils, so an irrigation system is essential.  Commercial settings are surrounded by asphalt and concrete structures which create and retain a lot of heat.

Irrigation when it rains?

The simplest way to automatically stop irrigation during rainfall is to install a Rain Sensor.  Hunter offers the Mini-Clik which stops scheduled irrigation when it detects a pre-set level of rain has fallen.  This device automatically shuts off your sprinkler system when it rains, so you don’t have to worry when you’re home or away.  Mini-Clik is compatible with the Hunter systems we install. During a routine opening, we make sure your Rain Sensor is tested.

How Irrigation systems work?

A Controller is installed to set to water accordingly to a scheduled program.  This includes start times, run times, days to water, delays if well needs managing.

Mulch FAQ

Which mulch is best?

“Bark” mulch all the way … We take great pride in selling Bark mulch as opposed to colored wood chips.  We are one of the largest suppliers in the area offering a variety of mulch along with premium screened loam and stone products.  We have multiple trucks running daily throughout your neighborhood and to your commercial job site.

What mulch repels bugs?

“Bark” mulch for sure … my Sales Team is asked this question often and here is my answer “we sell bark mulch, have you ever seen an insect eat bark off a tree? No, they eat the inner part of a tree where rotten wood forms”.  We sell a high quality, natural mulch product …. “bark” mulch.  For those who preferred a color enhanced mulch, we offer both Red Cedar and Black Mulch.  Whichever product you choose our quality remains the same.

Who delivers mulch near me?

Mike Lynch Enterprises, located in Millbury, MA delivers bark mulch 6 days a week.   We service Central Massachusetts and parts of Blackstone Valley.

Mulch when to apply

Springtime helps keep plants cool, summertime just for that added curb appeal and lastly in the Fall to insulate the plant material for Winter.

Mulch where to buy?

Here, at Mike Lynch Enterprises.  We are open 6 days a week and are here to meet all your mulch/loam/stone needs.

Where does mulch come from?

We purchase from reputable suppliers who offers mulch directly from sawmills, the vast majority coming from their own mills.  They do not add fillers such as brush, recycled material, or wood chips.  Some natural forest grindings are added during the process and the end result is premium.

Which mulch is safe for dogs?

It is best to supervise your dog and prevent it from eating any amount of mulch, no matter what type.  Dogs are not meant to eat mulch.

Why mulch in the spring?

Mulching in the springtime helps prevent weeds from sprouting and also prepare your gardens to take the heat and retain moisture.  Some of my customers prefer to mulch after Memorial Day when all the spring flower shrubs and trees have foliated.  Whichever time you choose, mulching your yard offers curb appeal and enriches the look of your gardens or landscape.

Why mulch my flower beds

Mulch protects plant materials in the winter by providing a barrier of warmth to the root base when covered with snow.  In the springtime, mulch helps keep weed growth down and enhances the plantings with a contrast of color.

Can mulch act as a weed barrier

Most definitely.

Are mulch rings good for trees

Mulch rings are fine, as long as your don’t build up mulch around the stem and root ball.

Are mulch and bark the same?

Most suppliers use the word mulch because it is a general term that can include wood chips, roots, recycled wood matter.  Bark mulch is the real think.  All natural, no bugs ….  It breaks down and becomes a fantastic natural fertilizer for your beds.

Loam FAQ

Loam where to buy?

At Mike Lynch Enterprises, just come and see for yourself; we sell a premium screened loam at its best.  Read the reviews on my testimonial page.

Where does loam come from?

Loam is found in a majority of successful farms in the area known for fertile land.  Our loam is the BEST in the area, comprising of sand and compost.  Come see for yourself.

Can loam soil hold water?

Yes, loam will hold just enough water while providing adequate drainage.

Will sandy loam grow grass?

Yes, at Mike Lynch Enterprises, our screened loam is the perfect blend of sand and organic matter.  Grass and plant materials thrive in well-drained soils.  Sand mixed into the loam offers this.

Who sells loam soil?

At Mike Lynch Enterprises, just come and see for yourself; we sell a premium screened loam at its best.  Read the reviews on my testimonial page.

What is the difference between loam and topsoil?

My Sales Team is asked this question all the time.  Loam is composed of a mix of sand, clay, silt and organic materials and it is the ideal type of soil when it comes to nutrient levels.  Topsoil is the uppermost layer of soil ranging from 2-10” made up of decaying organisms, plant matter composed of the native soil in combinations with organic matter that has built up over time.  It contains living organisms such as worms and insects.  We sell premium screened loam.  Perfect for lawns and/or starting a garden or raised bed.

How much loam for a new lawn?

A:  General rule of thumb 3-4” of a premium screened loam to germinate seed and do not forget a high-quality seed, fertilizer and plenty of water.

What is loam-based compost?

At Mike Lynch Enterprises, we offer loam that is comprised of loam, sand and compost, we periodically test our loam to ensure it offers the right amount of nutrients.

Why loam is the best soil?

Loam is best for gardens, lawns, raised beds.  It holds plenty of moisture while offering the right amount of drainage.

Why loam is important?

When starting a new lawn, you need a base that is filled with nutrients, our premium screened loam has the proper ph balance, a little sand mixed in and at times compost.