Irrigation Winterization Services in Worcester, Massachusetts

Irrigation Winterization Services in Worcester, MassachusettsAn irrigation system on your property is a serious investment that needs to be maintained properly. With the changing climates in the different New England seasons, it’s important to perform the proper maintenance at the right times before the freezing temperatures damages your system. Winterizing your irrigation system is one of our specialties! Mike Lynch Enterprises offers irrigation system winterization services in Worcester, Massachusetts and the surrounding area to make sure that your property is given the attention it deserves.

Choosing professionals to help with your property’s irrigation system winterization in Worcester, Massachusetts means being able to enjoy a beautiful lawn without expending all your time and energy maintaining it. It means effortless health for your garden plants, shrubberies, and lawn. For both residential and commercial property owners, we are sure there is a long list of tasks that need to be taken care of instead of maintaining an irrigation system. Let us do what we do best in order to enable you to do what you do best.

The team here at Mike Lynch Enterprises takes a tremendous amount of pride and effort in serving our customers’ needs. From designing the perfect customized irrigation system services for Worcester, Massachusetts homes to installing and maintaining all kinds of irrigation system equipment, our experienced technicians know exactly how to perform all of the necessary services.

One of our Worcester, Massachusetts irrigation system services is ensure all the water is drained from every component of your irrigation system to prevent your system from freezing and cracking over the winter. Come springtime, we can help by reopening the irrigation system for you, which includes turning on the water, valves, setting the controller, adjusting the heads, checking for proper valve function, testing the rain sensor and inspecting all connections to wires and pipes.