Proper Irrigation Controller Programming

Today’s highly efficient lawn irrigation systems benefit from computerized controllers that enable homeowners to more effectively control how much water their lawns and gardens receive. But the trick is properly programming the controller to match the seasonal needs of your lawn.

Summertime, of course, is different than the spring – days are longer and drier, causing tender grass shoots to stress and weaken if they don’t receive enough water. At the same time, too much water will create soggy conditions that can encourage rot and other diseases.

Part of the art of programming irrigation controllers is understanding soil and weather conditions and how they affect each other – soil composition may not be the same from one neighborhood to the next, so setting the correct watering cycle for your yard may not be the same as your friend’s a street or two away.

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Now’s a Great Time to Take Care of Irrigation Repair

Time to Take Care of Irrigation RepairMany central Massachusetts home owners use automated irrigation systems to irrigate their lawns and ornamental plants. While the systems are installed to provide minimal maintenance and automated irrigation, routine maintenance and repairs are required to correct component failure and damage.

Now is the perfect time to do maintenance and repairs – before summer’s heat and dry conditions take hold.  We want your irrigation system to be set appropriately for these conditions and make the best use of the watering schedule.

Prompt repair of irrigation system problems prevents loss or damage to landscapes and wasted water. Identifying and correcting the specific problem can prevent additional harmful impacts. For example, dry areas in a landscape can appear to be lacking water, but the lack of water may be due to a broken sprinkler or some other problem causing a loss of pressure in the irrigation system. Simply setting the irrigation timer to a longer run time will not make up for dry areas occurring from leaks, clogs, or broken irrigation pipe.

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Now is the time to spruce up your yard with mulch

Ever have cake without frosting? It’s just not the same. The same can be said about mulch – a yard without mulch is okay, but a coating of fresh mulch to flower and shrub beds really makes a difference.

At Mike Lynch Enterprises, we provide the best top quality bark mulch around. Like frosting on a cake adds that finished look to baked goods, our mulch provides that finished appeal that tops off your yard. Mulch enhances your home, your shrubbery, and flower gardens. Mulch makes your yard look manicured and at the same time keeps weeds down while providing a sunshield and moisture barrier for your plantings. Greens look greener, flower colors look brighter.

Another side benefit is that quality bark mulch like you’ll find at Mike Lynch Enterprises provides a simple, fast, and inexpensive way to make your landscaping even more attractive, adding 7 to 14 percent to your home’s value. It even acts as a passive fertilizer, slowly releasing nutrients into the soil as it breaks down.

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Rain Sensors and How They Work

Irrigation rain sensorsIf you have an installed lawn irrigation system, or are thinking about getting one, a critical component for efficient and effective operation is a rain sensor. What exactly is that, you ask?

A rain sensor is a device that uses electricity to turn a lawn sprinkler system on and off depending on the moisture generated by rainfall. While earlier generations of rain sensors were not very efficient, the latest generation has an improved design and technology that prevents accidental over-watering.

Here’s how it works: a hygroscopic disk similar to cork expands when it gets wet. The wetter it gets, the more it expands. The expanded disk triggers the switch after a preset amount of rain has fallen. It continues to expand as more rain falls. The system will not resume scheduled cycles until the disk dries out and returns to normal size. The more rain that falls, the longer the sensor prevents watering.

Wired sensors are less expensive and don’t have batteries to replace. Wireless sensors are more convenient to install and have almost no wiring to get damaged. The sensor can be installed up to three hundred feet from the receiver. Each model has its own unique mounting hardware and some are more versatile than others.

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Commercial Sanding and Salting: Reducing Winter’s Risk

Commercial Sanding and SaltingHarsh New England winters are just around the corner. Who knows what this winter will bring. It seems every year we get at least some kind of hazardous weather – heavy snow, freezing rain, sleet, an occasional ice storm along with those bitter cold temperatures.

No matter what the condition, at Mike Lynch Enterprises, we can help minimize that risk with professional sanding and salting. Keeping your commercial property free of ice and snow can save you time and money, which is good for your bottom line. Keeping your business ice-free is also good for minimizing the possibility of accidents.

With a 24/7 radio dispatch service and fully-stocked sanding and salting equipment ready to go, we’re here to provide our customers with immediate assistance should bad weather roll in (and it will!). Clearing commercial properties such as driveways and parking lots to the bare pavement usually requires de-icing in some form. Here at Mike Lynch Enterprises, we are ready to assist.

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Winterizing Your Irrigation System

It’s been a long, hot summer, with little rainfall to help our thirsty lawns and gardens. But with many towns declaring mandatory water bans in effect for the rest of the season, it’s time to winterize your irrigation system.

Some homeowners may not realize that in-ground irrigation systems are susceptible to harsh winter weather which can freeze water lines and crack valves and sprinkler heads. That’s why it’s so important to properly prepare your in-ground sprinkler system for a long winter’s nap.

It’s tempting for some homeowners to try to winterize their irrigation systems themselves, however, proper winterization is more than just shutting off the water and power to your system. It’s not that easy.

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Irrigation Service: Now’s the time to get your system in Tip Top shape

Irrigation ServiceSummer’s almost over and the thought of continuing to focus on your lawn sprinkler system is starting to fade with the summer sun. But now’s the perfect time to make changes to your irrigation system, such as repairs and add-ons.

Let’s face it. This summer was brutal. We’re experiencing a historic drought that is taxing both our lawns and water systems. You can save yourself time and money by having an irrigation service expert such as Mike Lynch Enterprises inspect your system for any current or potential issues and get them addressed.  Springtime is very very busy, so “Now’s the time”.

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Lawn Sprinkler Installation

lawn sprinkler installation massachusettsThis summer has provided the most convincing evidence for why lawn sprinkler installations are important for maintaining healthy, happy lawns. A properly-installed lawn sprinkler system not only will help prevent summer heat and drought from crisping your grass and turning your yard into a brown carpet, it’ll save you time and money while adding value to your property.

Some homeowners try to save money by using above-ground sprinkler systems that require dragging hoses around the yard and constantly adjusting a number of rotating or swiveling sprinklers in an attempt reach all the grass. Often this is a futile exercise that just wastes the homeowner’s time and money with expensive water bills and frustration.

If this sounds like you, you’ll be happy to hear there’s a better way: a professional in-ground lawn sprinkler installation. If you think “that’ll be too expensive”, think again – a temporary, drag-around above-ground system will cost you more in the long run through inefficiency and ineffectiveness.

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Time to Install an Irrigation System

Irrigation System installation MassachusettsSummer’s upon us and that means ensuring that your lawn and gardens get the moisture they need to survive and thrive during hot, sunny weather. If you’re still thinking about installing an irrigation system, it’s not too late. But the longer you wait the greater the risk you run of damaging your grass and other plants.

The best time to install a sprinkler system, of course, is early in the season, both to get a
head-start on proper lawncare, but also because sprinkler system installers start lining up installations once the snow melts. At Mike Lynch Enterprises, we understand the importance of a sprinkler system and flexibility in our schedule is a must to accommodate last-minute irrigation system installation requests.

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Proper installation of a lawn sprinkler system

irrigation1.jpgProperly installing a lawn sprinkler system is key for maintaining a lush, healthy lawn. An effective, efficient in-ground lawn sprinkler system also adds value to your property while reducing water consumption and saving you, the homeowner, wasted time and frustration.

Unlike an above-ground sprinkler which usually involves connecting one or more hoses to a water source, running them over your grass, attaching a rotating or pivoting sprinkler head to the end, and getting dirty through this process, an in-ground system requires professional planning and installation. There are three elements to a properly installed lawn sprinkler system:

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