What is bark mulch used for?

What is bark mulch used for?There are many reasons that gardeners and landscapers love bark mulch. Bark mulch can be very beneficial to the health of plants and trees in your garden and can make many of your regular yard chores much easier. Applying bark mulch in the right places can do wonders for a yard in many ways, especially when the growing season is just starting. Here are some of the main reasons bark mulch is so popular:

Conserve moisture.  Don’t let Mother Nature determine the fate of your garden beds. With the right mulch, your gardens will retain necessary moisture even on the hottest days. Different plants require different environments to thrive, which you can easily recreate on your own property with the proper combination of mulch and soil.

Improve fertility and health of the soil. Bark mulch is made from the outer layer of bark of timber trees, so it’s all natural. Over time, the mulch decomposes and mingles with the soil. This means that some of the soil’s nutrients are being replenished, which can make a big difference in the health of the plants that grow there.

Reduce weed growth. Save yourself time and effort in your garden. A good layer of bark mulch can prevent weeds from sprouting in your garden, consuming all the nutrients and strangling your poor defenseless plants. The mulch will block the sunlight from reaching the weed seedlings, so the plants that you actually want to grow will have plenty of space to thrive.

Enhance visual appeal. Bark mulch comes in a variety of rich, earthy colors that subtly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property. Adding mulch defines the edges of your garden beds and around trees, making mowing the lawn easier than ever. In addition, the darker tones of the mulch contrast beautifully with colorful flowers, vibrant green foliage, and can even bring out the beauty of brickwork.

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