Preparing for ice – sanding is a must

sanding is a mustCentral Massachusetts and New England in general sees no shortage of snow and ice during the winter months. If you’re a property or business owner, you know the importance of keeping your driveway, parking lot, and sidewalks free and clear of potentially dangerous ice and snow that can endanger your employees and customers and hurt your business.

At Mike Lynch Enterprises, we also understand how critical proper ice and snow removal is for keeping businesses up and running during and after major winter weather events. That’s why, for over 25 years, we’ve been providing our customers with fast and reliable sanding and salting services.

We start by closely monitoring the weather 24/7 to ensure that there are no surprises for us or our customers. When we know bad weather is brewing, our crew kicks into high gear for sanding and salting service. We stock our own dry sand and salt so that we can immediately begin treatments without having to waste time and energy breaking up frozen sand and clogged spreaders.

Preparing for ice means laying down sand and salt early to prevent dangerous driving and walking conditions and staying on top of it so that our customers can be assured of good traction at all times to help vehicles and people get safely in and out of their buildings and facilities. Sanding is a must for proper ice treatment because it provides immediate traction and an added measure of safety when customers don’t have time to wait for better conditions and for snow and ice to melt.

Because winter weather can hit at any time and on any day, we’re available at a moment’s notice to get our trucks rolling and begin sanding and salting service so that our customers’ properties are safe and accessible around the clock.

To learn more about our sanding and salting service and to get a quote for your property, call us at 508-865-8508 or visit us online.

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