Irrigation Service: Now’s the time to get your system in Tip Top shape

Irrigation ServiceSummer’s almost over and the thought of continuing to focus on your lawn sprinkler system is starting to fade with the summer sun. But now’s the perfect time to make changes to your irrigation system, such as repairs and add-ons.

Let’s face it. This summer was brutal. We’re experiencing a historic drought that is taxing both our lawns and water systems. You can save yourself time and money by having an irrigation service expert such as Mike Lynch Enterprises inspect your system for any current or potential issues and get them addressed.  Springtime is very very busy, so “Now’s the time”.

This year’s drought also points up the growing need for homeowners to curb water use and be smarter and more responsible with the water they do use. Unfortunately, we don’t think about water use as much as we should. Your irrigation service professional for you lawn sprinkler system will know exactly how the set your controller.  Each season, this changes, weather conditions change, so must your controller settings.

We want our lawns to be green and our landscapes and gardens to flourish. Being green is a good thing and growing healthy plants is good for the environment, but you may be using more water than necessary to keep your lawn and landscape green and healthy—that’s where a properly set sprinkler systems comes into play.

So although summer is just about over, the need to maintain and improve your in-ground irrigation system is ongoing. For prompt, professional irrigation service, now’s the ideal time to contact the irrigation system experts at Mike Lynch Enterprise and get your lawn sprinkler system inspected, repaired – and smarter!

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