How can an irrigation system decrease my water usage?

Lawn sprinkler system installations in Millbury, MassachusettsThe purpose of an irrigation system is to water your lawn, so it seems like choosing to install an irrigation system on your property would increase your water usage, right? Wrong. An irrigation system can actually use less water, save you money and keep your lawn and landscape healthier. How?

Head-to-head coverage. We know that any good irrigation system accounts for the number and location of sprinkler heads. The design of the whole system must ensure that the sprinkler heads work together for maximum water coverage for the entire lawn, or you’ll have sections of grass that  are saturated, right next to dry, brown, dead grass.

Quality equipment. When choosing equipment for a sprinkler system, we select the highest quality, most effective controller that offers the right amount of water and times your sprinkler system should run. We take immense pride in our irrigation systems by using Hunter heads and RainBird valves.

We cooperate with Mother Nature. Our irrigation systems feature rain sensors that turn off the irrigation system when a sufficient amount of rain has fallen. That means we won’t be wasting your water or energy on plants that don’t need it!

We’re experts. We know how to make all the proper adjustments for the specific needs of your lawn, and we always adjust the system’s watering settings for maximum efficiency, all for the sake of a healthy and green lawn.

Call us today for help with your lawn!  It’s not too late in the season.  We install until the ground freezes.  Install now, and you will be all set when springtime comes around again!

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