Mulch It Up for Mother’s Day!

Bark mulch makes a great Mother's Day gift!Flowers are too cliché when it comes to Mother’s Day gifts. Sure, they look pretty, but a bouquet of cut flowers is a very temporary form of beauty. Give the gift of mulch!

Any mom would be lucky to get such a thoughtful gift. Flowers and other plants growing in a properly mulched garden will usually flourish for months with minimal care. With rich colors and uniform texture, our mulches are made from 100% bark and natural forest grindings – no colored woodchips here!

Mulch is a gift that keeps on giving throughout the warm season. No more duststorms while you’re mowing the edges of your lawn. No more trampled gardens, because bark mulch is a great way to define areas and keep foot traffic elsewhere. No more weeds choking out the plants you actually want to grow, because a layer of bark mulch blocks sunlight from any little weed seedlings. There are so many reasons to invest in bark mulch early in the season!

Even more benefits of bark mulch include:

  • Retains moisture for healthy plants
  • Moderates soil temperature
  • Adds nutrients to the soil

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