Installing Irrigation Systems

Installing Irrigation SystemsInstalling irrigation systems is one of the best ways residential and business property owners can achieve the lawn and garden results they dream of while increasing the value of their property. If you’ve been struggling every year with keeping your lawn green and growing and your flowers and shrubs fresh and blooming, an automatic residential lawn sprinkler system is an ideal solution.

Installing an automated irrigation system enables you to provide your lawn and garden beds with consistent, effective watering delivered at an optimal rate to maximize plant hydration and minimize waste and loss. In fact, installing a residential irrigation system can reduce water loss through run-off and evaporation as much as 50 percent over hand-watering.

An automatic irrigation system provides a number of benefits to the property owner, including:

• No more over- or under-watering
• Watering only at optimal times, day and night
• Consistent watering using timer feature so watering occurs even when you’re not home
• No dry spots – properly designed irrigation system eliminates watering gaps for even coverage
• Rain sensor can turn your irrigation system off when a certain amount of rain has fallen, saving money and water
• Right amount of water to the right spots – properly zoned irrigation system enables sunny areas to receive more water, shady areas less
• Additional savings through healthier, long-living grass and plants that don’t need to be replaced due to poor watering

While installing irrigation systems can be done by some property owners with the right tools and knowledge, hiring a professional irrigation system professional to properly design, install, and maintain your residential or business property irrigation system is always a good idea. A licensed and trained home and business irrigation system specialist such as Mike Lynch Enterprises can save you time, money, and effort with an efficient, effective lawn irrigation system designed to meet your exact needs.

A professionally-installed lawn sprinkler system from Mike Lynch Enterprises will save you time and money, improve your property value, and provide you with years of reliable, cost-efficient, effective service. Call 508-865-8508 for a FREE system needs evaluation and estimate.

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