Irrigation System Winterization

irrigation winterizationIrrigation system winterization is one of the most crucial maintenance tasks you need to do for your residential or business lawn irrigation system. If a lawn sprinkler system is not winterized – especially in New England – you run the risk of having the backflow, lines and sprinkler heads freeze and crack, which can incur significant repair costs in the springtime. Some people make the mistake of thinking, “I thought my lawn sprinkler system lines were made out of flexible PVC and buried pretty deep, why would they crack?” The truth is … New England frost often reaches a foot or more beneath the surface, right in the lawn irrigation system installation zone. Any remaining water in the lines can freeze, expand and crack the lines, which become more vulnerable to damage in extreme cold.

In addition to the potential cost of repairing a frozen and damaged lawn irrigation system, without proper winterization you run the additional risk of freezing and damaging backflow. If not winterized by a professional, copper piping can freeze and crack.

A good rule-of-thumb for when to winterize your lawn irrigation system is to do it when you notice the foliage changing. That means that the growing season is essentially over, your irrigation system will no longer be required for the rest of the year, and it’s a good time to prepare it for freezing weather. Do not wait until the last minute … crazy snow storms could potentially be on the horizon. Just look at the Halloween storm we had a few years ago.

The main and most important irrigation system winterization task is something called “blowing out the lines.” This aptly-named process is generally done using compressed air – a compressor is attached to the irrigation system zones and compressed air is injected into the lawn sprinkler system, blowing any and all remaining water out of the lines and sprinkler heads.

By thoroughly blowing out and winterizing your residential or business lawn irrigation system, you’re protecting TWO valuable assets – your lawn sprinkler system AND your landscaping. Chances are, you’ve invested a significant amount in your lawn and gardens and irrigation system; it makes sense to protect them both.

Because attaching and using an air compressor on a lawn irrigation system can be a difficult and exacting task, it’s best to leave it to experienced lawn irrigation system experts, such as the professionals at Mike Lynch enterprises. Winterizing your lawn irrigation system with Mike Lynch Enterprises will save you time and money while protecting your irrigation system. Call 508-865-8508 to schedule an appointment.

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