How quality screened loam makes a difference

ScreenedLoam.jpgNothing is more critical for life on earth than soil – without it we could not grow the crops we need to sustain us. Different plants require different growing conditions and soils and one of the most essential is loam.

Screened loam is an almost perfect plant-growing medium. It’s actually a soil mixture that creates a favorable nutrient- and water-retaining environment that enables you to grow just about any type of plant without adding too much other stuff. It’s an ideal year-round soil that doesn’t dry out in summer or become water-logged in winter.

At Mike Lynch Enterprises, we take great pride in offering the best screened loam to our customers to ensure that you’re getting a quality product that will provide the perfect balance of nutrients, water retention, and drainage needed to create optimal growing conditions. Our screened loam is highly popular because of its quality. It provides the foundation for just about everything we do – from ensuring a healthy start and good growth with new lawn installations to top dressing a lawn, if needed, before slice seeding, to preparing raised beds for flower and vegetable gardens. High quality plants start with high quality screened loam and one key component of that is top quality.

To find out more about our superior screened loam, contact Mike Lynch Enterprises.

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