Irrigation system shut-down and blow out the pipe

sprinkler winterizationWhen the warm-weather growing season for your lawn ends doesn’t mean it’s time to forget about your lawn irrigation system. Fall’s the time to make sure you properly prepare your irrigation system for the long, cold winter ahead. In fact, irrigation system winterization is one of the most crucial maintenance tasks you need to do for your residential or business lawn irrigation system. If your lawn sprinkler system is not winterized you run the risk of having the lines, sprinkler heads, and backflow preventer valve freeze and crack, which can not only incur significant repair costs but prevent you from getting an early start on beautifying your lawn at the beginning of the critical spring growing season.

Unfortunately, some people believe that because in-ground lawn irrigation systems are made out of flexible PVC (plastic) tubing, their irrigation system will flex with any freezing that occurs and not suffer serious damage. Not having your irrigation system property winterized; it will for sure incur an expense and hassle that can be easily avoided with an irrigation system shut down and pipe blow-out – a process that introduced pressurized air into the system to remove any leftover water to prevent freezing. By thoroughly blowing out and winterizing your irrigation system, you’re lawn irrigation system.

So, as the foliage changes, remember – now’s the right time to have an irrigation professional perform an irrigation system shut-down and blow out the pipe. Are you concerned that your old irrigation system may be near the end of its life and not worth winterizing? Fall’s a great time to have a NEW lawn irrigation system installed, ready for use when spring rolls around. At Mike Lynch Enterprises, our irrigation system experts install lawn irrigation systems right up until the ground freezes. So, whether it’s time for an irrigation system shut-down and blow out the pipe, or to have a new system designed and installed for your property, contact the pros at Mike Lynch Enterprises.

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