Salt Application for Commercial Properties

snow removal and salt application in massachusettsCentral Massachusetts is known for having some of the worst winter weather in southern New England – when Boston and the South Shore are getting rain, we often get freezing rain, ice, and snow. If you’re a business owner, it’s vital to stay on top of winter weather and keep your commercial property clear of ice and snow and safe for both employees and customers. If you can’t get your workers and customers in and out of your property safely during inclement weather, it can impact your bottom line. Keeping your business ice-free is not just good for business – keeping your commercial property free of ice and snow can save you time and money by minimizing the possibility of accidents and law suits.

The benefits of salt applications to keep driveways, parking lots, and sidewalks clear and ice-free aren’t limited to the winter. Using salt to treat ice and snow during the winter limits structural damage and helps minimize springtime clean-up.

At Mike Lynch Enterprises, we’re ready to roll 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to service our contract customers with snow plowing, sanding, and salting. Clearing commercial properties such as sidewalks and parking lots to the bare pavement usually requires de-icing in some form. In New England, one of the most common chemicals is salt (sodium chloride) which usually comes from mined rock salt that has been crushed, screened, and treated with an anti-caking agent so that it can be evenly and effectively spread to treat even the most harsh New England winter weather conditions. We always keep plenty of rock salt on hand to ensure that we’re ready to provide immediate, reliable salt application for commercial properties so our customers can rest assured that they’ll be ready and open for business regardless of whatever winter weather comes our way.

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