Proper installation of a lawn sprinkler system

irrigation1.jpgProperly installing a lawn sprinkler system is key for maintaining a lush, healthy lawn. An effective, efficient in-ground lawn sprinkler system also adds value to your property while reducing water consumption and saving you, the homeowner, wasted time and frustration.

Unlike an above-ground sprinkler which usually involves connecting one or more hoses to a water source, running them over your grass, attaching a rotating or pivoting sprinkler head to the end, and getting dirty through this process, an in-ground system requires professional planning and installation. There are three elements to a properly installed lawn sprinkler system:

System mapping
A good sprinkler system plan includes mapping of your property – the lawn, buildings, paved areas, garden beds, and so on. A sprinkler system design should also indicate water sources, run-off, and drainage areas. All of this will enable the lawn irrigation professional to select the proper length and placement of the water lines, the number and size of sprinkler heads needed, and the required water pressure to ensure complete coverage.

Water source
Sufficient water availability and pressure are crucial to a properly installed lawn sprinkler system. Is it a municipal water source that requires permitting, or is it an on-site private well? Will the entire system be run off a single primary water source? All of this will affect the sprinkler system layout. Access to the water connection is important in a region such as New England because the system will have to be shut off and properly drained prior to winter to avoid having the system damaged from freezing.

All sprinkler system lines and heads must be installed where they will not interfere with other systems, such as electrical or cable. All components must also be installed at the proper depth to ensure that sprinkler heads aren’t damaged by a lawn mower. Most lawn sprinkler systems include an automatic timer, a rain sensor to avoid over-watering – which must be properly programmed to optimize water usage. It’s important to maintain sufficient moisture to grass roots to promote healthy growth – too much water can result in problems such as disease, fungi, and rot.

If you’d like to learn more about in-ground lawn sprinkler systems and get a free system installation estimate, contact the lawn sprinkler system professionals at Mike Lynch Enterprises.

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