Time to Install an Irrigation System

Irrigation System installation MassachusettsSummer’s upon us and that means ensuring that your lawn and gardens get the moisture they need to survive and thrive during hot, sunny weather. If you’re still thinking about installing an irrigation system, it’s not too late. But the longer you wait the greater the risk you run of damaging your grass and other plants.

The best time to install a sprinkler system, of course, is early in the season, both to get a
head-start on proper lawncare, but also because sprinkler system installers start lining up installations once the snow melts. At Mike Lynch Enterprises, we understand the importance of a sprinkler system and flexibility in our schedule is a must to accommodate last-minute irrigation system installation requests.

So why install a lawn irrigation system? There are many benefits, including:

  1. Improved lawn health and appearance

The obvious benefit of a sprinkler system installed in your lawn involves improving the appearance and health of your landscape. With regular irrigation at just the right levels, your lawn will respond with vigorous and healthy growth. A healthy and beautiful lawn will also add a nice curb appeal of your property.

  1. Less work

Ever get dressed for work and have to reposition a garden hose? Who wants to drag hoses around the lawn and fidget with positioning sprinklers? A properly installed irrigation system features carefully placed sprinkler heads that precisely cover the areas in need of watering. No more guess work and wasted time moving and setting up individual sprinklers and hoses. And an irrigation system with an automatic timer means you no longer have to run around turning on and shutting off the water at inconvenient times. Relax and enjoy your lawn instead of working hard to keep it watered.

  1. Efficient water conservation

Many homeowners don’t think about this, but a professionally-installed, efficient irrigation system uses programmed amounts of water and puts it only where it’s needed, saving a significant amount of water over time.

Summer’s here and it’s time to get that professionally-installed irrigation system you’ve been thinking about. To learn more about an in-ground sprinkler system or to schedule an installation, call the irrigation system professionals at Mike Lynch Enterprises.

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